• Tom Beaumont

Mission Busters

A good mission statement is critical. When written well it provides clarity in regards to purpose for an organization. It is succinct and easy to remember and not unlike getting a good set of directions (you know, like before GPS). But here’s the thing. If your mission is in line with God’s intent you can absolutely be assured that there will be a calculated effort to keep you from getting there.

Let me introduce to you some “Mission Busters”. Actually, they need no introduction because you have seen them around before, and often. The problem is that they are so prevalent and so familiar you can fail to recognize them for what they really are. And when you do that you allow them to consume the energy and attention needed for the mission itself.

The first buster is distraction. This little fellow is the sneakiest of them all because he comes at you disguised not only as a “necessity” but often as a “good thing”. His intent is to keep you busy doing something other than your mission. He will bog you down, re-route you and send you on a wild goose chase. He also has lots of friends and you will find that what starts out as a quick side trip becomes a multi-stop, sightseeing misadventure.

The second buster is far from subtle and his name is disruption. This turkey tends to drop on the road in front of you without warning and stop you dead in your tracks. And when that happens, the chances are you won’t even be able to see around him. He will get you calling 9-1-1 and putting “all hands on deck” to remove the obstacle while sucking dry the resources you have to accomplish your mission. There is nothing fun about a disruption.

This leads us to the most dangerous mission buster of them all – discouragement. If distractions are side trips and disruptions are roadblocks then discouragement is coming down the hill and running smack into a fog bank. It settles around you and permeates your very soul. It sucks the joy out of the trip, invites doubt and deflates expectations. It may well be the product of its buster cousins, but know for sure - this one is personal. It can bring you quickly to the point of wondering if your efforts are even worth it at all.

I’d love to introduce a remedy that keeps these mission busters out of the equation – but there isn’t one. Instead I bring them to your attention because they need to be recognized for what they are. They are a reminder that we have an enemy bent on keeping us from staying on track. They may be harmless until they subvert the very reason God calls us to be, and they need to be called out when they do.

And then, we need to acquire the discipline necessary to see each distraction, disruption and feeling of discouragement as opportunities to trust God with what is already His. We need to allow God to clear the path in front of us towards His purposes and for His glory. May He give us the strength to do just that.

"Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

(Isaiah 41:10)

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