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Side by Side is about my desire to meet the specific and unique needs of a camp director. My aim is to provide an outside perspective; share my experiences where they may be of help; listen, give guidance and make suggestions towards an improved future. This may involve helping with questions like:

How do I do a better job creating and managing my operational budget?

How do I figure out how to work together with my board?

How do I put together a good communication plan with those I need to connect?

How do I be a better boss and get more from my staff?

How do I tackle deferred maintenance in an aging facility?

How do I communicate our mission and vision in a way that gets people excited about our camp ministry?

How do I best use my time as the director when there is so many things that I must do?

How do I balance my personal life (home and family) with that of my job?

What do I do when it seems like I am all alone at the top and everything depends upon me?




My first step is to learn about your camp by seeing its online presence and then physically visiting the camp to get a feel for its facilities, resources, people and programs. This is about observing the camps strengths; its market and its niche.



This is about me hearing from you, the director personally. It’s listening to your story and passions and overall assessment of your camp's ministry. What is going well and what is not? It's about grasping the challenges. This time provides an opportunity for hearing both an objective as well as subjective analysis from you as leader.



This is the narrowing down process. Discovering together where help is needed and where help can be given. This is the essence of the 'side by side' approach. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. I will want to help bring about some very tangible outcomes for you as the director and ultimately for your camp?



This final step is the actual doing of the work. The review of documents; the re-writing of policies; the finding of resources; the re-structuring of systems; the development of plans; the sharing of ideas etc... This will most likely be done in a follow-up to a visit.


My intent is not to charge an hourly or even a daily amount and then try and figure out what constitutes a billable hour or a ‘full day’. Instead I will work out a reasonable and affordable fee based on the scope of work done or service offered. This is something that will be mutually agreed upon and will constitute the only charges beyond expenses.